About Us

Need a translation? European Legal Translations is your reliable partner in rendering written translation at the highest professional level.

Our translation agency specializes mainly in fast translation of legal, financial, marketing and highly specialized technical documents. Our working languages are: Italian, German, English, French, Russian and Romanian.

Our concern is to save your time while providing you with the most comfortable service possible. You may obtain an estimate cost of translation by submitting an application on our site, and your documents can be sent and received through our messenger service which delivers orders within the Lugano city, Ticino canton limits. In addition to our head office located in Lugano, Switzerland we have also a branch in Dublin, Ireland. We are ready to provide any prompt professional assistance - all for you and your success.

Here are some key points that favorably distinguish us in the translation services market and would make us your best choice:

  • High professionalism of our translators

  • Performance of highly specialized translations assisted by specialists in the corresponding fields - lawyers, engineers, doctors, aviators etc., with authorizations issued by Ministry of Justice and other competent authorities.

  • Good value for money

  • Any convenient form of payment - cash, bank transfer, credit card

  • A possibility to make an order without leaving your apartment or office - free messenger delivery within the city of Lugano, canton Ticino.

We will be happy to service you online. If you apply for our services, you will receive the utmost attention to your requirements and wishes and, hopefully, remain our client for many years to come!